We know that interviewing is a skill that is developed throughout the span of a person’s lifetime. Even with practice, it can be daunting. However, like many things in life, the more you practice, the more comfortable you become and the better you get. The application process at VCLC often provides students with their first experience participating in a formal interview, but it likely won’t be their last. It’s our goal to provide an opportunity for students to learn and grow from the experience.






8 Tips for Preparing for an Interview at VCLC


1. Be yourself

Caring is the first step in preparing for an interview – having a desire to express and present yourself in the best possible light. VCLC's Admission professionals want you to shine during your interview and feel comfortable enough to express yourself. Your interviewer is interested in learning who you are, what makes you different, and how you will contribute to the school. Represent your authentic self.



2. Know your strengths

Everyone has strengths and we want to know about yours. How do you use your strengths? Maybe you’ve developed your strength of creativity through writing, dance or photography. Perhaps you use humour to make others smile. It may be that you’re working on developing your strength of bravery by intentionally challenging yourself to take on a new or unfamiliar task – take the interview process, for example! If you’re asked about areas of weaknesses – that dreaded question – turn it into a response about how you’re working to develop a strength.



3. Know your weakness

The truth of the matter is that a strength, if overused, can become a weakness. Let’s use humour as an example. Injecting humour into many situations can often be well-received (and is encouraged); however, there are times when it would be insensitive to rely on humour. Let’s face it, there are times when work needs to be done and a misplaced joke can make people feel uncomfortable. Knowing where you can improve demonstrates that you have goals and are committed to learning.



4. Do your research

Take some time to learn about our school VCLC. Explore the website and social media feeds. Ask yourself, what is it about the school that appeals to you. VCLC's Admissions professionals want to know why you’re interested in the school. Even if you are applying to multiple schools, be sure to know what is unique and important to you about the school where you are interviewing.



5. Think ahead

In addition to coming up with a list of questions to have answered, make a second list of questions that you think might be asked. Given that an interview is an opportunity for a school to learn more about you, spend some time reflecting. What do you value and why? What do you like and what activities or experiences do you intentionally avoid, and why? Can you think of experiences you’ve found to be motivating? Can you share a story about a success or failure and what was learned from either experience?



6. Show your enthusiasm

Elite Private schools usually offer unique opportunities and enhanced programming. If you’re excited to join a new club or team in order to take advantage of the opportunities to extend your understanding and be part of a global community, tell your interviewer! Showing genuine excitement about the school demonstrates that you’re invested in your education and in contributing to a community.



7. Ask good questions

Don’t forget, an interview works two ways. Not only does the school get to learn more about you, but you get to ask questions to learn more about the school. Take advantage of this opportunity to help make sure that the school’s community, culture, academic and co-curricular program aligns with your wish list for a school. How do you do this? Before the interview, come up with some questions that aren’t answered on our school’s website or brochure. This shows that you’ve made an investment in the process and indicates you care and want to be a member of the school community. This will help you get off to a strong start.



8. Practice!练习再练习!

Ask a friend, teacher or parent to interview you. Responding to a question out loud, even into the mirror, is excellent preparation for the real thing. Think about answering questions using the question itself to help focus yourself on your response. Whenever possible, avoid answering questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, unless you’ve been asked a closed question. Even then, interviewers enjoy hearing you elaborate and share details. While you may have prepared for your interview, you won’t likely be ready for every question. It’s okay to acknowledge that a question is hard.



Last Tip

Don’t forget to enjoy the experience, be proud to talk about your accomplishments and passions!

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to campus for a visit and to see your interview skills in action. Schedule your tour of VCLC today by clicking: Book a School Tour 


We hope that you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions about the admission process at VCLC or the school in general, please contact us at admissions@vclcedu.com


We hope to see you soon,


The VCLC Admissions Team





8 Tips for Interview at VCLC